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The Best Free Air Show in Utica

A peregrine falcon pair has made a home in downtown Utica with a little help from their feather-loving friends. Matt Perry and Deb Saltis have discovered some fascinating facts about the lives of these rare birds. 

Story by Richard M. Barrett.

Photos by Richard M. Barrett and Matthew Perry.

Featured Article


Our writer tries out the custom-designed fitness program at Whitesboro Fit Body Boot Camp.

On the Fast Track to Fitness

Story by Tennille-Lynn Millo
Photos by Sue Smith Romero

A peregrine falcon pair has made a home in downtown Utica with a little help from their feather-loving friends.

The Best Free Air Show in Utica

Story by Richard M. Barrett
Photos by Matthew Perry

How love for one rescue dog in Westmoreland spread to hundreds of others all over the country.

A Legacy of Rest for Shelter Pets

Story by Philomena Lawrence
Photos submitted by Matt and Julie Ambrose

Poems by Local Poets

For more poems, visit The Poetry Page

A poet contemplates the intersection of heritage and nature.


Poem by Beth Totten
Photo by Jake Totten

Savoring the sweetness of spring in Central New York.

Maple Weekend

Poem by Terry Rainey
Photo by Sue Smith Romero

A glimpse of the Erie Canal at Little Falls through a poet’s eyes.

Taking in the Hours

Poem by Marea Needle
Photo by Sue Smith Romero

Insights and Observations

Finding the bright side of the COVID-19 crisis in Sherrill.

Rainbows from COVID Clouds

by Sue Smith Romero

Richard M. Barrett reflects on the value of our rich diversity of music in the Mohawk Valley.

Connecting Through Music

Essay by Richard M. Barrett

A writer recalls what a noble Scotch Pine meant to her childhood and to her family.

A Girl and Her Tree

Essay and photo by Tiffany Rae Azzarito

Actually, you can teach an old dog to see things in a whole new way.

Doggedly Determined

Essay by Sue Smith Romero

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