A New Digital Magazine for Utica-Rome

There’s a new digital publication for curious readers in the Utica-Rome area. It’s called Green Pencil Magazine, and in it we’ll cover intriguing people, places, and projects in Utica and 50 miles around it.

What makes this magazine different?

  • Our journalists combine in-depth research and interviews with creative writing skills, which will surprise and delight you.

  • Our stories are freshly reported, not recycled from what’s already on the internet.

  • We’ll listen to our readers and encourage you to collaborate with us. If you have questions you want answered or know someone whose life story would make a great profile, tell us and we’ll follow up.

  • We’re looking for positive, uplifting stories, but we’ll also look into problems and solutions people are proposing.

  • This magazine is all online which makes it easy to find. You won’t have to look for it on newstands. You’ll be able to search our website to quickly find the stories you most want to read.

Who’s on the Team?

Green Pencil Magazine’s founder and publisher is Sue Smith Romero, a resident of Sherrill, NY. She’s a graduate of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and she’s written many articles for newspapers, newsletters, and magazines, including several articles in ACCENT Magazine. Sue is also a local traditional Irish musician, playing with Craobh Dugan.

Contributing writer and editor Richard M. Barrett recently retired as editor of ACCENT and lives in German Flatts, NY. He has written for newspapers, magazines, and trade journals. He’s also a children’s book author, playwright, poet, lyricist, and local musician.

Contributing writer Tennille-Lynn Millo, a resident of Utica, has seen her articles published in many magazines, including Redbook, Parents, Newsday, the Philadelphia Inquirer, CBS, AOL, NYMag.com, and ACCENT.

Contributing writer Philomena Lawrence, who also lives in Utica, has written stories for Pioneer Press, Inc. (a division of TIME, Inc), ACCENT, the Stained Glass Quarterly, Victorian Homes, Russian Life, and The Northern Logger, among others. She’s a former high school teacher, who enjoys ballroom dancing and traveling with her husband.

As you can see, we’re writers and we’re creative. And as the magazine grows, Sue is looking forward to involving many more of the talented writers, artists, and photographers in the area.

What’s on the website so far?

Sue took a walk in the woods with her friend Mike Carroll, who is a surveyor for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and a great storyteller. He shared many tales about the historical and environmental items he’s discovered while out surveying state lands.

Richard joined Matt Perry and Deb Saltis while they photographed the famed peregrine falcons who live high on a ledge of the Adirondack Bank Building in Utica. Those birds have plenty of adventures and the naturalists who study them have stories to tell.

Tennille laced up her sneakers to find out why Fit Body Boot Camp is getting great results.

Philomena sat down with Matt and Julie Ambrose to learn about Bubba’s Beds for Shelter Friends, the nonprofit they founded to bring comfort to dogs and cats in shelters as a way to honor the memory of their beloved pet.

And that's not all. We're continually adding more stories, essays, poems, and more.

How can you read Green Pencil Magazine?

GPM is free to read and share. As we grow in readership numbers, we'll offer advertising opportunities to businesses. You can help us keep publishing by sharing our articles with your friends. The more readers we have the better! And if you have a business and want to reach readers in the Utica-Rome area, please contact us.

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