At the Art Museum

Munson Williams Proctor Institute in Utica holds treasures of inspiration.

by Sue Smith Romero, a poet of Sherrill, NY

I wrote this poem after a visit to MWPI in December 2018. The photo above shows one of the brilliant ideas I saw there. A photograph of an old diary entry that told a touching story involving popcorn. The artist brought the entry to life in her photo.

After an afternoon at

The Art Museum

I am overwhelmed

Beguilded, thrilled

And filled with new possibilities.

Gathering the artists’ ideas

Swirling them together

Layering them over

The media I know

Eager to apply their ideas.

Then also

In awe of the thoughts

So far beyond what has

Ever crossed my mind

Seeing the whole world from

The artists’ entirely new points of view

After an afternoon, I am



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