At the used bookstore on Route 12

Berry Hill Book Shop in Deansboro is the setting for this poetically romantic encounter.

by Terry Rainey, a poet of Clinton, NY

Photo taken at Berry Hill Book Shop by Sue Smith Romero

In an old barn, low-beamed and sturdy,

A man totes a weathered Robert Frost,

A woman peruses Drama and Theatre.

They nod, smile and saunter amidst the stacks.

He embraces Humor and Anthology,

She orbits Science Fiction and Satire.

Each wanders through columns of Journalism, Action

And Adventure, Romance, a bit of Mystery.

Their Math is limited and they share no common History.

Horror separates them. She floats away toward Health

Then takes a right at Travel, while he checks Children’s Lit

And explores Religion, Spirituality & New Age.

In Architecture and Art, alphabetically aisled,

He smiles when he finds Frank Lloyd Wright, and her,

Bouncing between Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper.

Both glide by Reference, all those Encyclopedias and

Dictionaries, and Thesauruses, and Almanacs.

Fantasy barely slows their path to Diaries,

Journals and Prayer Books. Perhaps their Life Studies,

Literary Criticism, their Autobiographies,

Are in need of Self Help. They linger at

Do It Yourself, find their footing, step boldly

Into Poetry, where, in a lilting moment, their

Footsteps whisper the subtle language of Dance.

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